How to Take Care of your Jewelry

Most of the time, we buy jewelry for our desire like for an engagement party or a wedding ceremony. We also buy this as a gift to our friends, parents, siblings, and of course, to ourselves. But, people should realize that jewelry is also a good investment. That’s why it should not be placed anywhere after wearing or using a hard chemical to disinfect it. 

So, to help the owners out there in taking care of their precious pieces of jewelry, here are some of the helpful tips from the experts that you can follow.

Do not let excessive heat, sunlight, and wood touch it. 

Too much heat or sunlight absorbs the natural moisture of gemstones that they badly need in their aesthetic preservation. If the heat or sunlight was coupled with an abnormal temperature pattern, it can cause a fracture to the gem which affects its durability. For instance, when opal is exposed to too much heat, it might turn white to brown to completely lose its natural color and have some cracks. Woods, moreover, could stain or tarnish it if exposed too much. 

Do not expose them to chemicals. 

Chemicals in perfume, lotion, household cleaners, even in a pool could create a major problem for your jewelry made of metals and gems. For example, the perfume could cause a damage reaction on the surface of your pearl necklace. The commonly used chlorine in households and pools can also damage metal jewelry like gold. Those chemicals in those products can also cause discoloration to colored gems especially if being repeated. 

Use ultrasonic cleaners responsibly. 

Some owners use an ultrasonic cleaner for the high-quality cleaning of their jewelry. But remember that this type of cleaner is not applicable for all. This cannot be used for: organic gems like pearls; heat-treated gems, susceptible-to-heat-type of gems like tanzanite, opal, and feldspar; plastic or wax-coated gems; and gems that are surfaces are with break or breaking and has a substance like oil filled in it. 

Colored gems should be treated with extra care. 

Aside from keeping it away from chemicals and heat, cleaning it the simplest way is another tip to consider. With the combination of warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush, you can already clean your colored gemstone. Just don’t forget to rinse it inside a glass of water to avoid the risk of losing a loose stone in your sink. Moreover, if you routinely do the proper treatment for your colored gems, it will have an improvement in their clarity and color.

Store them properly. 

A piece of jewelry comes with a box or pouch.  Usually, some people just throw it away and use their drawer as the storage of their jewelry. But this is a wrong move. Because if not properly stored, your jewelry might suffer damage and discoloration. For instance, opal and pearl should not be placed inside dry storage as they draw moisture from the air. You can use chalk or silica to absorb the moisture that is still present in your storage. Avoid also the layering method because this could cause minor damages. Instead, put them in their separate storage. Lastly, do not forget to use a high-quality bag if you are planning to travel and want to add some jewelry to your luggage. 

If you observe any scratches, broken, loose, or missing parts of your jewelry, immediately consult an expert to fix it. It is also recommended for owners to regularly visit an expert at least twice a year for the jewelry’s checkup.